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Even though it doesn’t feel like it when you’re in the depths of addiction, there is life on the other side of recovery. A life filled with countless opportunities that you can enjoy to the fullest once you release yourself from the constraints of the disease.

Harmony Outpatient Center in near Palm Beach is here to help you open your eyes and provide the support you need while you discover your sober, opportunity-filled path.

We strive to provide the best care possible to meet our clients where they are and offer the personal attention they deserve.

Keep reading to learn more about the treatment opportunities and recovery services we provide for individuals suffering from the effects of addiction in near Palm Beach.

What does outpatient addiction treatment do?

Addiction is an aggressive disease that creeps into every aspect of life. It hurts relationships, causes involuntary actions, changes your mindset, and effects your brain’s chemistry. Outpatient addiction treatment provides the tools, self-realization, and support you need to take back control of your life.

At Harmony Outpatient Center, your goal is to learn more about yourself to understand what has prevented you from overcoming the disease on your own and how to regain control.

What does the rehab process involve?

Our process for addiction recovery involves a multifaceted approach to treatment. The specific methods and therapies used are contingent on the individual and type of program they choose.

However, all programs at Harmony Outpatient Center include individual counseling, group therapy, biofeedback sessions, other alternative therapies, and sober life skills education courses. Biofeedback therapy sessions include external cues, such as a flash of light or small shock, which provide insights into one’s involuntary reactions to certain triggers. Alternative therapies often include art or music sessions.

In addition to those treatment programs, we offer healing options for the mind-body connection and soul. Addiction affects more than just your brain chemistry. It transforms your body as well. Therefore, our health, nutrition, and fitness classes create opportunities for your physical body to heal naturally alongside your brain. We also offer yoga to assist with post-acute withdrawal symptoms and reduce anxiety levels.

What do the programs look like?

At Harmony Outpatient Center, Palm Beach, we offer three different addiction rehab treatment options. They vary in intensity and time commitment, based on your individual needs and stage of recovery.

All our outpatient programs include specific aftercare plans to aid in your transition back into normal life. These concrete steps will keep you on top of your recovery and empower you to navigate the world with sobriety.

Day Programs

For individuals in the early stages of recovery or for those needing more intense support, day programs, or partial hospitalization, is often the best option. This program meets five to seven days each week for up to six hours each day. When the daily treatment ends, individuals return home – either to their family or to a sober living house.

The time and energy commitment for day programs are intense; it is not a program for those without flexibility in work or school. However, the attention, support, and healing that comes from this focused, comprehensive programming is often the best formula for successful addiction recovery.

Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)

More flexible than day programs, intensive outpatient programs offer less frequent and shorter meetings. IOPs are typically provided with options for either day or evening treatment and begin with appointments four days each week for a few hours at a time.

Despite the more flexible schedule, intensive outpatient programs still require a substantial time commitment and a sincere desire to change. Individuals must be dedicated to recovery and willing to do the work.

Continuing Care Programs

Continuing care programs are often most appropriate for individuals who have previously been through the addiction recovery process. They emphasize taking advantage of one’s existing tools and support network to remain committed to a life without drugs or alcohol. These treatment plans frequently involve participation in groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, or other specialized recovery communities.

Continuing care programs involve less personal attention and individualized care. The primary responsibility is for the individual to do the work to live a sober life themselves. The program provides merely the tools to do so.

Who are the best candidates for outpatient addiction treatment?

Outpatient rehab is best for individuals in the early phases of the disease who will either benefit from maintaining their routines or who do not have the option of bypassing their responsibilities. For example, young people who are still in school or adults who earn the primary income to support their family often benefit most from outpatient addiction recovery programs.

On the other hand, inpatient programs are the preferred treatment option for those who have relapsed back into a life of addiction, people who pose a danger to themselves or others, or individuals who are addicted to substances that require medical supervision and support for the withdrawal process. Inpatient care often lasts between 30 and 60 days.

Why choose this outpatient recovery facility?

Sometimes, remaining in the place your addiction developed makes it hard to escape from old patterns and triggers. Near Palm Beach offers beautiful scenery and a tranquil location that allow you to focus on yourself and your recovery.

Even though there’s no cure for addiction and the path isn’t easy, we’ll help you discover the tools and routines that lead you to live a happy, healthy, substance-free life. Call our recovery specialists today to see if Harmony Outpatient Care Center, Palm Beach is the right fit for you.

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