Sober Living In Delray Beach FL

Alcohol abuse and addiction is a widespread problem in society. Millions of Americans are believed to be struggling with alcohol or drug addiction. Anyone can have a problem with alcohol. From teenagers to successful people in business, alcohol addiction touches all segments of society. Recovering from alcoholism is not as simple as just deciding to stop, especially in cases of advanced alcoholism. Alcohol rehabilitation can help you initially break the physical dependence on alcohol. 

sober living Delray Beach FL

The presence of alcohol is generally accepted nationwide in many social settings. Alcohol is found to be present at many types of celebrations and major events. When someone is suffering from alcoholism or binge drinking, it is very hard to not be present around alcohol as it is basically found at every corner or household nationwide. In Delray Beach, FL the social scene is very lively made up of bars and clubs, restaurants and concerts. However, even when you are surrounded by alcohol and temptation, it is possible to achieve sober living in Delray Beach FL.

For alcoholism, there are a lot of paths that one can take when ready to help treat their addiction and begin their path to recovery. There are outpatient and inpatient programs nationwide to help alcoholics along with follow-up programs, including participation in 12-Step programs, that can help people who struggle with alcoholism stay sober. 

Common Liquor And Its Effects On The Human Body

Whether it is in a party, club, or just for social drinking, there are a lot of alcohol options one can choose from. The most popular ones in the list would be beer, liquor, and wine. These drinks do not only differ in tastes, but they also differ greatly in alcohol content and how they were processed. Alcohol levels may be different in these different types of alcohol. However, when taken in large amounts and increased frequency, alcohol in any type, could cause addiction. This can be the onset of alcoholism.

Here are the different types of alcohol and their possible effects on the human body.


Wine is fermented from grapes and usually contains more alcohol compared to beer. One 5-ounce glass of wine contains the same alcohol content as a 12-ounce beer. That is how much alcohol there is in wine compared to beer. Although wine is usually used in more formal social events, it cannot be ruled out as a source of possible alcoholism. Consumptions of wine are usually females. They are also considered to be at greater risk when it comes to alcohol addiction.

Wines are usually served in small servings. The drink may be served in small servings, but the number of glasses drank a day could be quite high. The taste and usually serving size of wine make it a huge factor in one’s alcoholism.


Another common alcohol drink that is commercially available and inexpensive is beer. Beer comes from fermented grain, and it contains about 2 to 12 percent. This level of alcohol in a drink is considered to be the lowest compared to other popular alcoholic drinks. The dangers of beer, however, is when taken in large amounts, can lead to alcoholism. Although its alcohol percentage is relatively lower compared to others, its selling point among drinkers is its affordability.

Beers can be found almost everywhere. From college parties to happy hours at pubs, one can expect that there is beer included in the menu. Aside from the ordinary beer, craft beer is also getting a lot of hype from avid drinkers, too. Craft beer has higher alcohol levels compared to the ordinary beer fermented from grains. Beer drinkers can often find themselves in a situation wherein they cannot define, which is the line for social drinking and alcoholism anymore.


Liquor is another type of alcohol which is fermented from different sources. Its source could either be from grains or potatoes. The types of liquor are rum, whiskey, tequila, gin, and vodka. These drinks are usually more expensive than wine and beer because of their quality and alcohol content. Because of its extremely high alcohol content, liquor is usually only served in 1.5 ounces on average. Some mix them in their drinks to lessen the effect of the alcohol.

However, because of its taste and the feeling it gives the drinkers, liquor could be one of the sources of one’s problems when it comes to alcoholism.

Alcoholism Is A Trap That No One Notices Getting Themselves Into

Social drinking is coined that way for a reason. Its goal is basically to unite bond and build friendships. However, when a group of people does not know what their capabilities are, social drinking may be pushed to its extremes. What turned out to be just fun could now be a reason for one’s dependency. When that is the situation a person is faced with, it is something that will require conscious effort that will lead to one’s sober living in Delray Beach FL.

The line between alcoholism and social drinking is extremely thin. The gap is too narrow that a lot of drinkers do not even realize that they are already considered to be an alcoholic.

It Is Never Too Late To Turn Your Life Around

Whether it is you or someone that you are close to, it is important to know that alcoholism is not the end. It is not a process that cannot be reversed. With the proper guidance, programs, and support, sober living in Delray Beach FL is possible.

Live A Sober Life In Delray Beach FL

It is not impossible to live a sober life in Delray Beach FL or anywhere for that matter. The key to sober living is discipline, support, and determination. If the person cannot do this on their own just yet, external intervention from an alcohol rehabilitation personnel should be looked into. With proper guidance from an accredited professional institution, it is never too late to turn your life around and help you with addiction.